Dedicate 6G

Presentation at ADV Austrian Digital Value, Sustainability 4.0, “Wireless 6G for Green”

Modern 6G communication systems enable safer, more cost-effective, more reliable and more environmentally friendly operation of many technical systems – for example in industry and transport, where future safety-critical applications require reliable wireless communication systems with short latency (maximum 0.1 millisecond delay) and high reliability (over 99.99999%). 6G systems reduce energy consumption and increase competitiveness – in line with the European “Green Deal” goals of improved resource efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Panel discussion, ADV Austrian Digital Value, “5G / Infrastructure”

5G is now available and a central component for the digitization of many applications. Research on 6G has already begun. As a user, you can now benefit from the 5G broadband connection first. However, this is only one dimension of the 5G standard. The revolutionary aspect of 5G lies in two new dimensions that are central to digitization.

Interview, Die Presse

5G technology is currently being rolled out worldwide. At the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna, Thomas Zemen has long been researching 6G.

Project Kick-Off

Project DEDICATE started to work on three initial directions: wide aperture arrays, reflective intelligent mmWave surfaces, and quantum radio frequency sensing.

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